A-F EMDR Training

Master Trainer, Deany Laliotis

Attachment-Focused EMDR Therapy Training

Master Trainer Deany Laliotis

Attachment-Focused EMDR Therapy (AF-EMDR) addresses the effects of neglect and abuse on the developing brain and how it manifests in various attachment styles. AF-EMDR focuses on the attachments people form with a parental figure during childhood and is desigtnee to help those who have insecure attachment styles and relational trauma. AF-EMDR incorporates an understanding that with developmental trauma the lack of safety, and security in childhood leads to adaptive strategies that can persist into adulthood, ultimately causing significant distress. 

AF-EMDR Therapy training is a great way for a health care provider to expand and grow their already existing practice. Deany Laliotis has spent her career treating clients using a variety of EMDR-focused treatments as these treatments have been found to be very effective in resolution of trauma symptoms. She is not just a practitioner of EMDR, she is also EMDR certified by the EMDR International Association and is regarded by her trainer colleagues internationally to be a Master EMDR Trainer. If you are considering EMDR training, you would be wise to explore Deany’s training offerings.